Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Welcome Facebook Friends

Hi guys and thanks for joining the new Facebook group that leads you here! I thought this would be a good place to blog and bang on about whatever comes to mind. Could be your thoughts on Michael Jackson, the latest signings your fave footy team or anything else in or out of the news that catches your eye.

First you need a google or gmail email account, so simple to do, and everyone's jumping onto gmail now as evidently hotmail will start charging for us to use them soon. You probably know that Google also own Youtube, so all of these sites are linked and therefore easy to download from and upload to.

Once you have a Google mail/Gmail account you can join blogspot and comment on anyones blogs, not just mine, and there are lots of really good ones out there. Loadsa Celebs blogspot so have a gander around and see who you can find.

In the meantime, once again a huge welcome to my blogspot, and anything you see on here feel free to comment on, add your views and opinions and comment on other peoples opinions too. That was we can get some good threads going and have some fun!

Happy blogging! Sam x

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