Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Chris Brown apologises

So Chris Brown has finally stepped up to the bar and apologised for battering Rhianna during an argument following the MTV awards last February. Some are questioning the timing of his apology posted on his website this morning. The cynics are suggesting that perhaps he has a new record coming out soon, or a gig to promote, or he simply wants a few column inches as since the incident he has, and in my opinion rightly so, kept his head down for things to calm down somewhat.

But having watched the video message he posted on his website (see link above) I am inclined to agree with his version of events, that his Lawyers, because of ongoing legal matters, insisted he keep quiet because an apology could have jeopardised his legal position.

I am not, nor will I ever support a man who lashes out at a woman, no matter how much provocation is put before his face. Violence against women is the lowest form of aggressive behaviour by weak, insecure, bullying, poor excuses for men and should never be tolerated nor excused.

I do think Chris Brown sounds sincere with his apology, and maybe now it is time for forgiveness, but we should never forget that he did lose his cool, he didn't control his temper and he did violently attack a young woman.

I'm still not quite sure what message Rhianna is trying to give her young and impressionable fans by getting tattoos of guns on her body after the attack. Something I found most bizarre and still fail to understand, but getting back to Chris Browns Lawyers, and his public apology coming some several months later;

I too have been told not to speak out about the telephone conversation I made to book a taxi for my daughter, that was illegally recorded and then sold to The Sun newspaper for a reported £750. There is so much I would like to say on the subject, but when I finally do get the all clear from my Legal team, and I am able to speak out, will it not be considered too little too late? Will I not be dredging up a sad and deeply regretful incident for it to once again be played out in the public arena? Aren't the readers of the local papers sick and tired of reading about it? I have to consider all of these points, but the bottom line, and the truth of the matter is, I want to make my apology to those I want to apologise to, and to put the record straight, and to try to make amends. No matter what the fall out is.

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